My response to “Who is The Best Motivational Speaker” on Quora

This post is my response to a question asked on Quora that Who is Best Motivational Speaker for Mumbai & Delhi India?”

Beside giving the list of speakers, let’s understand this question from different perspectives.

Best Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speakers fall into various categories. I would broadly categorize them in three parts.

  1. There are some people who have performed something great and their speeches inspires you. For example if you listen to various TED talks, you will find the speech very inspiring. But these speakers may not call themselves motivational speaker. In my case, I really get inspired by Mohammad Yunus (founder of Grameen Bank)
  2. There are others speakers who are termed “Motivational Speaker” by media and other agencies but they are actually on a mission of doing something BIG. For example Sister Shivani from Braham Kumari
  3. There are Motivational Speakers who are professional speakers i.e. they charge a speaking fee for their work. These may be full-time/par-time speakers

Best Motivational Speaker In Delhi & Mumbai

Whether it is professional speaking or world of digital connectivity, it would not be relevant for us to locate a speaker based on their home location. Because

  1. For professional speakers, clients are ready to pay for their travel and hence it does not matter much that where they are located
  2. Many speakers deliver programs in different cities and countries. For example Tony Robbins, delivers programs all over the world
  3. There are other speakers who deliver program through webinar, youtube videos hence their base location is of no concern in digital world

Let me introduce you to another form of speaking called, Keynote Speaking. In the world of professional speaking, a speaker is an expert in a domain who delivers a talk. And motivation is one of the topic of their speaking. There are several other topics of speech.

As a speaker, I am a deep thinker as I believe that pearls are always hidden deeper in this sea. Hence I shared the deeper perspective of “Motivational Speaking”

Best Motivational Speaker depending upon audience:

Although myself being a motivational speaker, I would say no one is best as it really depends upon the target audience. Hence one speaker can deliver/cater to specific target group and other speaker for different target audience.

List of Motivational Speakers in India

As a motivational speaker, I even created a blog listing 50+ motivational speakers in India. Here is my blog sharing the story that as Motivational Speaker, why did I create the public listing of other motivational speakers

Here is the respective list of 50+ motivational speakers


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