Why I created list of Motivational Speakers in India even though I am Motivational Speaker myself

Hi my name is Vikas Jain. I am an Author, Keynote and Motivational Speaker based out of Delhi in India. I am founder of Adhyan World and MotivationalGyan.com. During the initial years when I started Motivational Speaking, I found that there was no “Good” listing of “List of Motivational Speakers in India”. There were some pages with similar names but those were the profile and website of individual motivational speakers. Also there were some blogs covering 5–10 motivational speakers. But usually these are the ones which are known to many. Keeping this in mind, motivationalgyan.com/motivational-speaker lists more than 30 motivational speakers in India ranging from well known motivational speakers such as Shiv Khera, Sandeep Maheshwari, Deepak Chopra to various budding motivational speakers. Our page “list of motivational speakers” is listed among top google searches.

This was one of the Inspiration behind MotivationalGyan.com. Other inspirations were:

1) Name of the website conveys my core belief: MotivationalGyan i.e. Gyan (Knowledge) which is real motivation. This is my core belief that right knowledge is the ultimate motivation.

2) An intense desire to share the knowledge with other: I have this intense desire to share the knowledge as much as possible with others. I believe that knowledge is eternal and we are just medium of transmission. Also we can share the knowledge transmitted by other people. Hence this website has contribution of motivational and inspirational content from various trusted sources

Now looking back, it seems that it was most useful business strategy for me. As through MotivationalGyan.com I get top listing on google for various searches related to “Motivational Speaking” which yield positive results for our business too.

As we have listed various “Speaker Bureaus” too, so we keep getting requests from speaker bureaus to list them too.

This is called Win-Win situation.

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