Learning Habits of World Leaders – English Speech

Continuous research on Learning Habits of World Leaders is part of our mission of “Building Learning & Growth Ecosystem” for individuals who like to achieve BIG in their life (irrespective of age and background).

This Talk Covers:

  • Understanding and Inculcating Self-Learning Mindset as Leader
  • Best practices of Building Self-Learning Ecosystem in organization covering interventions around interviews, organizational growth and more
  • Strategy to induce new skill in the organization in considerably less time and at a lesser cost
  • How to create a culture of “Improved Learnability” in your organization

Testimonial from participants

“The session brought me close to identifying what needs to change in me and even touched on “how” aspect to bring about the change. I believe if a session can push me that far then what would a series do”  – Manisha Nasa, Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems

“A very concise and well paced session!! Very though provoking to the basic idea of ‘self-learning’” – Gaurav Srivastava, Senior Software Development Manager, Oracle India

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