Leadership & Management Off-site Retreat

The Purpose of the Leadership Offsite is neither another conference/meeting nor a team outing. Although it is observed that usually leadership off-sites are polarized towards one of these extremes. Instead Leadership Offsite are supposed to be an experience with “Creativity, Innovation & Thinking Out of the Box”.

Annually companies spend millions of dollars to conduct these off-sites, but very few of them are able to achieve it’s purpose.

Hence we design Leadership offsite programs considering below mentioned points:

  1. Engage with stake-holders to understand the objective of the offsite and corporate goals. This helps us in designing a customized program for the team
  2. Make the participants experience “Creativity, Innovation & Out-of-the-Box-Thinking” through innovative tools and techniques. Novelty of the activities is of extreme importance as nobody likes to repeat the activity
  3. Sessions are designed to be “Thought Provoking” which stay longer in the mind of the participants for effective utilization in their work after the offsite

Below mentioned is the video of one such activity which is powerful, novel and very well enjoyed by participants.

Do let us know about your upcoming offsite and we can help you design a Creative Experience for your team