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 About Vikas Jain as Keynote Speaker

Vikas Jain is an author, Keynote & Motivational Speaker. He is also the founder of Adhyan World and . He is one of the top Motivational Speaker and Keynote Speaker in India. He has delivered programs for various corporations including Fortune 500 companies like Yamaha, Intel etc. He has delivered customized programs on topics such as Leadership, Team Building, Transformation, Sales Motivation, Entrepreneurship, Youth Motivation, Faculty Development Program in India and abroad.

“Is Change Too Fast or Are We Too Slow to Learn?”
– Vikas Jain

Self-Learning Leadership

Creating/Managing change through self-learning mindset with minimum investment and maximum impact

World is going through major changes and it is disrupting everything including businesses. During this period of disruption there are victims of change (disrupted) and winners because of change (disruptors). This exclusive program covers one of the most essential quality of disruptors i.e. their Self-Learning Mindset & Learning Agility.

Self-Learning Leadership has potential to transform organizations by building self-learning ecosystem in the organization. With fast changing skillset, these organizations will have better agility to learn new skills in relatively lesser time and cost.

Key points covered:

  • Thought Provoking insights on Learning Diet of World Leaders and Disruptors
  • Deeper research on fundamentals of Learning including critical things which have been over-looked
  • Best practices and tools adopted by world leaders to nurture self-learning mindset despite their busy schedules

Vikas gained these insights during one-on-one interviews of global leaders like Alan Mamedi (Founder of TrueCaller), Brian Tracy (International Management Guru), Suman Saraf (CTO and Co-founder, Bluestacks), Fredrik Haren (Global Speaker) and more.

Other versions of this speech include: Self-Learning of Customer Service team, Self-Learning of HR, Self-Learning of Sales team, Self-Learning Entrepreneurship, Self-Learning of Disruptors, Self-Learning to Lead the Change, Self-Learning based Education, Self-Learning Youth Leadership


Eye opener on how top leaders despite of being so busy are able to take out time to read so many books. If they can then I can for sure work on self-improvement

Vijay Amrit Raj Sharma, Senior Software Development Manager, Oracle


… I realized how deep he has gone into ‘self-learning’.  ….organizations to expect the employees to self-learn rather than being pushed into training. Vikas can help the employees to find their reason (to self-learn) and ignite the spark to begin the journey.

Ikbal Singh Rana,  CEO, Corporate Productivity Consulting


“The session brought me close to identifying what needs to change in me and even touched on “how” aspect to bring about the change. I believe if a session can push me that far then what would a series do“

Manisha Nasa, Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems