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Why so much confusion about Career & Education?

  • Less than 10% career options depends upon the degree i.e. Doctor need MBBS, and Chartered Accountant need to complete CA.
  • Remaining 40% career options does require skills but does not depend upon the course. Just for eligibility purpose any graduation is sufficient. For example, creative writing, web designing, digital marketing etc.
  • Remaining 50% career options does not even look for degree. For example, business owners, freelance consultants and many more.

Confusion arises when we start relating to success in life depending upon current Education system which occupies only 10% space in career scope available today. But Education does play a critical role in the Development of individual. Hence these videos would cover what are the essential of Education that can help in our overall development.

Below mentioned videos covers my analysis on Education and Possible Solutions to transform the Education System

Education Ka Punchnama | Why even toppers fail in real life (in Hindi)



Career Ka Punchnama | Top 10 Mistakes While Making Career Choice (in Hindi)

Massive Growth Strategy in Career and Business (in Hindi)

Self-Learning Leadership | Learning Diet of World Leaders | For Future Leaders [in English]

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